How we help CMOs drive marketing growth and strategy

You want to increase marketing agility and quantify the ROI impact? We support your ambition with automation, scalable processes and a 100% adaptable platform.

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How Encode help CMOs perform better

How do you adopt an agile channel strategy? Keep marketing teams working together in a context of rapid change. - Redirect marketing spending to any channel with a single source of data - Keep or replace existing legacy marketing technologies - Build and deploy omnichannel campaigns from a single interface

How do you maintain engagement with your customer? Empower marketers to move with speed and impact. - Optimise workflows to help standardise and scale the production of campaigns and content - Be in control of your brand assets distributed across your supply chain - Connect all your upstream and downstream partners and data sources to stay in control

How do you personalise for a true omnichannel experience? Deliver personalisation and automation at scale. - Connect your teams and partners with tailored workflows - Give your teams a platform that allows them to tailor their workflows - Unify internal and external data sources to build a single source of truth

How do you securely connect data to provide a single view? Enable real measurability. - Get robust insights into all of your marketing investments and maximise ROI - Issue purchase orders or requests that comply with your procurement policies and procedures - Single view into all marketing budgets and manage marketing spend

How do you effortlessly accommodate real-time collaboration? Drive your marketing efficiency with easy to use systems. - Accomplish digital transformation needs in record times - Use data-driven insights to fuel decision making with your peers - Work collaboratively with your CIO to design a friction-free customer experience

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Accelerate your approvals

Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process. Get efficient workflows with basically one approval round from brief to publishing.

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Provide clear, collaborative feedback
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End-to-end creative production process
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Huge time savings and zero errors
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Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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See our solution for your industry

Other retailers have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other agencies have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other brands have implemented the Encode solution to attain full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing.

Other manufacturers have implemented the Encode solution to perfect product and labels with zero errors.

Other financial institutions have implemented the Encode solution to centralise branding and improve reporting.

Other content producers have implemented the Encode solution to manage teams and projects with full workflow automation.

We have the clients to prove it

Like JYSK, with more than 3.000 stores worldwide, who got more value for their marketing budget after switching to the Encode platform. 
Get inspired by real life marketing success stories.

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