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You want ease, efficiency and ability to scale? We support your ambitions of managing campaigns, clients and capacity by digitising workflows that will free up time for creation.

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How Encode help CMOs perform better

How do you improve workflows and personalise at scale? Provide meaningful personalisation for customers and secure integrated, omnichannel experience based on data. - Build and configure workflows to instantly adapt to new content needs - Effectively replace outdated processes with integrated and automated systems - Create a set structure to store files that can be searched easily

How do you get a clear set of workflows across multi-channel work? Design and build workflows for each channel required. - Get to market faster by automating workflows, proofing and approvals - Scale content creation where everyone risk-free can create and edit high-volume content - Ensures your creative collateral is always consistent with your brand guidelines

How do you get rid of manual processes across production? Optimise reporting on workflows to get a full audit trail and visibility of inefficiencies. - Effectively report on outside costs, including time tracking by task or project - Provide users with a clear picture of what’s in the calendar - Easily keep assets safe and ensure that only the right people have access

How do you ensure data to provide accurate time and budget estimates? Get clear, accurate, data-driven insights that support informed decisions. - Track response and resolution times against your targets, identify bottlenecks and improve workflows - Interactive dashboards tailored to your needs provide constant insights - Generate visual reports and dashboards, identify bottlenecks, and manage against KPIs

How do you manage a single way of processing feedback? Optimise content lifecycle - all in one place. - Easy to insert teams into automated workflows, let individuals manage tasks and powerful annotation tools - Enable users to make new requests with predefined tasks and responsible parties - Configure workflows within the Content Hub for collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders

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Accelerate your approvals

Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process. Get efficient workflows with basically one approval round from brief to publishing.

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End-to-end creative production process
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Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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Other retailers have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other agencies have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other brands have implemented the Encode solution to attain full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing.

Other manufacturers have implemented the Encode solution to perfect product and labels with zero errors.

Other financial institutions have implemented the Encode solution to centralise branding and improve reporting.

Other content producers have implemented the Encode solution to manage teams and projects with full workflow automation.

We have the clients to prove it

Like Splash, a global creative technology company, who help brands produce more content, and secure campaigns and brand continuity are not siloed across creative teams.

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Splash Worldwide

Encode has been a tech partner of Splash for 15 years. What was once a print production agency in London is now a global creative family working with brands like Google, Sonos, PVH and Seagate.

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Agency Insights by Darren Parker

“People in our team have experience in agencies and have a marketing technology background. We understand the pressured environments, what it means to have tight deadlines, and the need to deliver 100 banners or videos the next day.”

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Increase the creative joy of work

Are spreadsheets still central components in your marketing management toolbox? Then it’s time to do something about it!

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