How we help CTOs achieve digital excellence

You want control of the tech stack? We support you with a seamless and secure integration of data and technology enabling you to deliver with speed.

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How Encode helps CTOs attain digital excellence

How do you consolidate the tech stack while adding new solutions? Get an adaptable, future proof architecture. - Securely manage change from current to implementing a new system - Integrate technologies from other tech stacks, enterprise data sources or platforms - Deliver on digital initiatives faster with no-code development

How do you establish new workflows without missing components? Expand and connect seamlessly with more stakeholders. - Move your legacy systems and spreadsheets to a foundational platform - Connect all your upstream and downstream partners and data sources to be in control of the data and quality - Integrate with speed across your ecosystem and rapidly prototype new workflows

How do you automate securely and become more productive? Consolidate your tech stack by replacing legacy and utilised systems. - Integrate into the solutions that you use every day - Move silo applications like DAM and PIM to Encode platform - Encode's own Security and compliance program and hosted on Google

How do you deliver reliable results in real-time? Manage and measure data from multiple sources coherently and securely. - Protect your enterprise with security policies and a GDPR compliant platform - Deliver fast time to value for your stakeholders - Deliver iterative workflows and demonstrate value early in the onboarding lifecycle

How do you ensure consistency across stakeholders? Have a reporting platform to provide a single view. - Replace email attachments with links to content in a centralised hub - Eliminate the risk of using outdated production information and assets - Collaborate with fewer manual touchpoints and more workflow automation

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Accelerate your approvals

Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process. Get efficient workflows with basically one approval round from brief to publishing.

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Provide clear, collaborative feedback
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End-to-end creative production process
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Huge time savings and zero errors
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Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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Other retailers have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other agencies have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other brands have implemented the Encode solution to attain full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing.

Other manufacturers have implemented the Encode solution to perfect product and labels with zero errors.

Other financial institutions have implemented the Encode solution to centralise branding and improve reporting.

Other content producers have implemented the Encode solution to manage teams and projects with full workflow automation.

We have the clients to prove it

Like Splash, a global creative technology company, who has been a tech partner of Encode for 15 years. When their clients use Encode they typically become a long-term client of Splash.

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