Careers at Encode

We don’t just offer a job. We offer you a career working with some of the world’s well-known brands.

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Our mission

We are a technology company whose mission is to help you prepare for what’s next. We help remove barriers within and beyond organizations.‍

We improve the speed and quality of work by automating and digitising commercial business processes. And we connect people across the whole value chain for greater mutual benefit.

Get to know our core values


We reduce time to market

We reduce time to market for our customers and ourselves.

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We can be trusted

We do what we promise and we admit mistakes.

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We work as one team

We have common goals and we make fast and informed decisions.

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We find better solutions

We learn from successes and failures and we are curious and seek inspi- ration from customers and colleagues.

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We offer a challenging place to work

We spend our time on meaningful work and we expect our colleagues to make decisions and allow mistakes.

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Life at Encode

We are a motley crew, and some of us eat chillies, some don’t. But we know how to support you when you eat one.