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Whether it is used as a component in your end-to-end Encode solution or as a standalone apllication, Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process.


Successful onboarding of users is usually not a straightforward thing to do. But, today, it just got a lot easier. Encode and Pendo has teamed up to provide companies with structured onboarding processes that are intuitive, easy to follow, and motivational.

Odense, Denmark – September 24th, 2020 – Efficient onboarding of new employees is vital for any company to be successful. It applies even more to technology implementation projects. Yet, studies have repeatedly shown that many companies struggle with onboarding, and it is costly. According to a Career Builder survey, over a third of employers (36 percent) do not have a structured onboarding process, and a significant number are reporting costly consequences.

Through the Encode platform, companies will have access to tailor-made onboarding solutions that will boost user engagement and adoption for employees, customers, and partners. An integral component is provided by Pendo Adopt, an OEM product from Pendo, which integrates user training and onboarding directly into the Encode platform. In the Encode platform, it is called Encode Engage.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have had to rely on remote working - and remote onboarding. The Encode partnership with Pendo will accommodate the new normal by offering a contextual in-app training course.

Encode engaged Pendo

Encode Engage is a cohesive in-app experience that will simplify user training, improve onboarding time, and save time and money. And it will drive forward the change without leaving users with the feeling that they lag behind because the single most crucial aspect of implementing new routines, new tools, new workflows at your company is to ensure that everybody is on board and motivated.

That’s why Encode, a SaaS MarTech company, partnered with Pendo to create an in-app training system that allows new users to onboard quickly and easily adapt existing users to the workflow changes.

The two companies have teamed up because they have a shared vision. The idea is to build onboarding flows to guide users to the highest value activities faster to get immediate benefits.

Intelligent measures of engagement

By integrating Pendo Adopt into the Encode platform, Encode Engage will enable companies to track their onboarding coherently and intelligently in an easy-to-use and maintainable way.

The adaptable in-app training provides:

  • Embedded dynamic documentation highlighting new capabilities that is easy to keep up to date and highlighted new capabilities
  • Easily updated workflows
  • Measurable adoption

Besides, user adoption is designed to accommodate the disruption that many employees feel when suddenly adapting to a new system, changing positions, or starting to work in a new company.

Replacing an old system is time-consuming and quite an investment, so as a company, you should feel confident that the user adoption is taken care of, and your competitiveness is not falling behind.

A tailor-made solution

Thus the Encode Engage platform can handle customer-specific guidance that will allow for pop-up boxes and messages to support users through the process. The selling point is obvious: You should never be in doubt. Not as a user. Not as a manager. Not as a company. The user adaptation journey with Encode Engage is a step-by-step digital onboarding that is intuitive and clear. It’s got Pendo Adopt embedded, and it is possible to tailor-make to suit individual needs.

About Encode

Encode is automating workflows by providing a marketing work management platform that increases productivity, cost savings, and radically shortens time to market. Encode works with companies that need to automate manual work processes, controlled onboarding of all relevant stakeholders in the core workflows, scalable solutions, and significant data insights. Companies such as JYSK, El Corte Inglés, Hogarth, and other transnational businesses work with Encode’s platform.

Read more about the solutions here.

About Pendo

Pendo helps companies drive software adoption, leading to happier customers and more productive employees. Pendo customers include the world’s leading software companies and digital enterprises, including Verizon, LabCorp, OpenTable, Coupa, Okta, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Founded by product people in 2013 in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, Pendo is backed by Battery Ventures, Spark Capital, Meritech Capital and Sapphire Ventures. Through its editorial site and community ProductCraft, sponsored events, and podcast, Pendo aims to support the success of product people everywhere.

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