The key to successful campaign management

Marketing never stops - even due to economic uncertainty, you still have to get your messages out and your products sold. Even though you are working remotely.

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Optimize your campaign management and planning

Marketing never stops - even due to economic uncertainty, you still have to get your messages out and your products sold. Even though you are working remotely. But how do you optimize your campaign management and planning, so your campaigns always run successfully - no matter what the circumstances are.

Encode as campaign management software

Marketing campaign management is the process of planning, preparing, executing, monitoring, tracking, evaluating, and optimizing campaigns. This is regardless of the purpose of the campaign, whether it is single or multichannel, international or local, and so on.

The reason why campaign management is essential to your business is that taking a strategic approach to this area of your business will let you optimize the processes while giving you more insight into how results are made – and how you can improve them going forward. At these times, we need to optimize our campaign management, so we are capable of adapting to the circumstances even though we are collaborating and working remotely in a digital world.

Some of our clients asked us, “How do I manage campaigns successfully?”

You could use a framework or other manual tools – but to add real value and ease the continuous optimization of campaign processes, you should consider campaign management software.

This will save you time automating some of the planning and manual marketing processes that do not, in the same way as, for instance, the strategic and creative processes, require a human touch. Some of the steps that the software could help you with are:

  • Setting goals and finding the right way to measure results.
  • Choosing the right marketing mix: which channels should be used - for what and when?
  • Setting a budget for the overall campaign and the separate steps.
  • Identifying which resources are needed: employees, agencies, material, and information from suppliers and distributors, etc.
  • Establishing and optimizing workflow and approval processes.
  • Monitoring, testing, and evaluating the campaign – as you go.

This should be done using live and historical data, so you get the full picture.

How to speed up your time to market with campaign management software

Preparing and executing campaigns is time-consuming. It is as simple as that. But there are ways of making them less so. People who have managed several different marketing campaigns will know that an important part of getting a campaign ready is the approval process – especially when there are numerous stakeholders involved, all with their own idea of how things should be prioritized and presented.

Read more about how you can get down to one approval round here.

Unfortunately, the approval process is also often where things easily get out of hand, taking much longer than anticipated, versions and corrections getting mixed up – which then makes it impossible to meet deadlines and slows down your time to market.

What if you did not have to worry about that? Because your campaign management software had an integrated workflow tool with version control, automatically kept track of who needed to approve what, at which point, notified the relevant people and nudged approvers when required. This is just a small, integrated part of the Encode system’s functionality that will help you stay competitive by speeding up your time to market.

Essential features of your campaign management tool

Your campaign management tool should ease not only your planning process but also hold essential features so your campaigns can run smoothly and efficiently.

With Encode, you get the following features:

1. Workflow and approval process tools

2. Insights and data-driven product selection tools

3. Integration to your DAM (digital asset management system)

4. Integration to your PIM (product information management system

5. Integration with your supply chain systems
Read more about our Encode Supplier Portal here.

6. Role-based access - including access to external partners

7. Multi-channel marketing automation.

Successful marketing planning and campaign management?

There is not one final answer to what it takes to manage your marketing campaigns successfully – but as mentioned above, having the right insights into your data, using automation to speed up the manual processes, and planning the processes connected with the campaign could have a huge positive impact on your results.


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