Case studie: The Encode solution for Coventry University

How the UK university are using technology to uphold GDPR and maintain brand consistency

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Now we have everything in one place and can manage rights access to content creators and university staff to enable good GDPR practice.

Rahul Baxi
Design Studio Manager at Coventry University.

The company

Coventry University employs around 3.000 staff, runs around 300 courses and counts 35.000 students.


All communications in the design studio were done by emails. An admin would answer 100-200 emails a day.

The solution

All communications regarding design jobs and projects, across the university, run through the Encode Platform and it saves time and money.

Case studies

Coventry University

Download this study if you are within the agency world, or if you want to understand how remote working is improved by using the Encode platform.


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