Case study: The Encode solution for Flügger

The Danish DIY retailer transformed their approval process for product labels through technology to save time, resource and money

How can we help you?

We have gone from an average of three proofing rounds to an average of 1.47 proofing rounds. We have save a lot of time and have more efficient flows.

Mette Maibom
Supply Chain Specialist at Flügger.

The company

Flügger is a regional market leader in paint production which is being sold across 400 flagship stores and through DIY retailers in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China.


Millions and millions of liters of paint come with a label. Getting the label design correct has mainly been administered manually.

The solution

Using the Encode Platform has brought automation into play. Time spent is down and efficiency is up.

Case studies


Download this study if you are interested in eliminating errors, or if you are working within any business that could save money by getting the labels and product descriptions right.

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