Collaborative work management

The list of tools for communication, project management, and so on is seemingly infinite. Which platform do you use to collaborate effectively?

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Collaborative work management

As coronavirus fears intensify, many companies are asking their employees to work from home. Because of this, many are seeking solutions to manage their remote workforce. Many marketers are concerned about how remote working will impact their collaboration and teamwork and especially their creative collaboration. There are a huge number of collaboration tools available on the market – but what if there was a better, integrated solution?

The impact of the corona outbreak on working practices has been dramatic and swift for many companies, and thoughts about not having automised and centralised processes are at the top of people’s minds.

How do you remain competitive and prepared for effective remote working?

The list of tools for communication, project management, and so on is seemingly infinite. Each tool comes with its own merits, helping you and your team with the different challenges of working remotely.

Which platform do you use to collaborate effectively?

What are collaboration tools for businesses?

In broad terms, collaboration tools for businesses are software solutions focusing on project management, communications, document and asset management, as well as several other things.

Online collaboration tools are designed to make it easier for you, your team, and everybody you work with to connect, share files, assign tasks, manage your campaign workflow, and much more. Collaboration tools can be as simple as a messaging service, or they can be advanced file-sharing hubs and social media platforms for companies. So, how and when you should use collaboration tools depends entirely on the functions your chosen system offers.

As a standard, however, the collaboration tools of today should allow you to work with employees, freelancers, suppliers, etc. across departments, companies, and even borders.

What is the best tool for you to centralise your way of working?

The best tools are the ones that help with as many tasks and in as many areas as possible – while being easy and understandable, right? Implementing and adapting to a new collaboration tool can be an enormous task requiring quite a bit of change management.

So, a question you could be asking is: do you need yet another collaboration tool?
What if there was a way of getting an ‘all-in-one’ software solution for not only collaboration but also DAM, workflow management, campaign planning, and management and approval processes – all while focusing on speeding up your time to market, making you more competitive.  

Sound too good to be true? Encode software will give you just that – but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our customers’ solutions.

How to use Encode as your collaboration platform

At Encode, we believe that collaboration and the fact that your processes are centralised is critical. This means that before we start developing your solution, we like to plug straight into your organisation. We want to sit in with you and get a deep understanding of your core workflows and business. Only in this way are we able to provide the changes needed to optimise your workflows and processes.  

Collaboration is simply the core of the Encode software and its functions. It is about having efficient processes and workflows, automated production, the ability to meet rapid changes in the marketplace, and make all the involved stakeholders, both internal and external, collaborate effectively, successfully and with great precision.
The workflow management module ensures perfect briefs, removes the risk of publishing unapproved content by using automated approval workflows, lets you structure who is responsible for what and when, and notifies relevant parties when material needs approval.

At the same time, the digital asset management function allows your creatives, freelancers, and agency to always access the latest version of photos, videos, and files. And the user-friendly interface combined with role-based access ensures that the Encode system will quickly become your preferred project collaboration software.
We have made tailored solutions for businesses in different industries such as retail, manufacturing, agencies, financial institutions, content factories, and brands since 2001, so the Encode solution has been tried, tested, and approved by hundreds of international businesses.


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