Media flow and production automation

Media flow production automation can help you automate manual labor and redistribute the rest. Easy automation for agencies.

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Efficiency and compliance can go hand in hand

Encode will help you create a clear strategy for managing your media workflows and create efficient management workflows based on the highest possible degree of automation. Digital assets are not just digital assets. They are characterised by a wide range of technical, legal, content-related, and tactical features.

Also, you have issues like deriving various versions of an image in different formats for different channels and the need for resources to deliver them.

Managing the approval workflow can be tedious, and ensuring that expired assets are made unavailable in a controlled way can be pretty heavy.

GDPR also changed the game for how to manage assets.

Let us help you minimise compliance issues while increasing efficiency.

Encode media flow and production automation services can consist of:

  • Data model analysis
  • Workflow analysis
  • GDPR compliance strategy
  • Production automation
  • Workload redistribution strategy
  • Asset distribution strategy

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