Case study: The Encode solution for Jysk

How the Danish housewares retailer is using technology to optimise the communication of weekly offers to reach millions

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With Encode’s system we get a lot more value for our marketing money. At the same time we avoid making mistakes and achieve a much higher quality.

Jens-Henrik Jensby
Director, Integration, and Digital Development at JYSK.

The company

JYSK is a global retailer with more than 3.000 stores in 51 countries.


Getting a structured approach to weekly offers that need to be versioned and vary according to the local market.

The solution

The Encode Platform has provided JYSK with a consistent and organised procedure that allows for frictionless expansion.

Case studies


Download this study if you want to improve your marketing workflow, or if you feel compelled to limit the number of approval rounds to just one.


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