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You want full transparency of all activities? We support you with full control of your brand across central and local marketing, and partners, so you can grow your business.

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Collaborate smarter - Improve market insight

Our platform lets you adapt to the market based on insights and transparency. Because it puts you in the driver’s seat to manage workflows better, create great-looking communications and deliver projects on time. You get complete control of your brand and essentially improve your time-to-market.

Providing process transparency across your entire organisation
Providing process transparency across your entire organisation
Create pre-warnings when custom KPIs deviate from planning
Create pre-warnings when custom KPIs deviate from planning
Minimising the mistakes in the approval and compliance process
Minimising the mistakes in the approval and compliance process
    Reduced yearly production costs
    Saving on previous project manager resource
    We see Encode as a key partner within our tech stack. Encode is a flexible tech partner and supports integration with other best in breed technology. We have found that when our clients utilise our tech stack, including Encode, they typically become a long term clients of Splash.
    Ben Terry
    CTO of Splash Worldwide
    Splash Slider
    Industry: Agency
    Established 2004
    Employees: 160
HQ: London, England
    10 locations
    Creative teams across Europe, America and Asia
    Production studios across the globe provide global clients with services 24/7
    Time saved on proofing
    Labels produced yearly
    We have gone from an average of three proofing rounds to an average of 1.47 proofing rounds. We have saved a lot of time and have more efficient flows.
    Mette Maibom
    Supply Chain Specialist at Flügger
    Flugger Slider
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Year founded in Hamburg
    Liters of paint produced at Flügger’s two largest factories
    Stores in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
    Reduction in time to market from 4 to 3 weeks
    Shops that receive Encode support
    With Encode’s system, we get a lot more value for our marketing money. At the same time, we avoid making mistakes and achieve much higher quality.
    Jens-Henrik Jensby
    Director, Integration, and Digital Development at JYSK
    Jysk Slider
    Industry: Retail
    3000+ stores
    And 26.500 employees worldwide
    Number of times a person has searched for JYSK on Google in a year
    Turnover in EUROS for the fiscal year 2019/20
    reduction in time to market
    zero errors
    in marketing collateral
    The Encode platform was simple to operate, and it was adapted completely to our workflow as a second skin.
    Finbarr González O’Sullivan
    Marketing manager at Agrosevilla
    Agrosevilla (1)
    Industry: Manufacturers
    tons of olives exported annually
    founded as a cooperative
    5 months only
    to transfer all jobs to the Encode platform
    1.000 assignments
    Completed within a year after implementation
    Now we have everything in one place and can manage rights access to content creators and university staff to enable good GDPR practice.
    Design Studio Manager at Coventry University
    Rahul Baxi
    Coventry Slider
    Industry: Brands
    The number of academic staff
    The year Coventry University traces its roots back to
    The number of students
    item descriptions, cautions and assembling instructions are no longer handled manually
    Single source
    of truth established
    The more data I enter into the system the better. It’s like, now, we are rewarded all the time because everything is so much easier. We save time, our customers save time. A lot of time is saved in fact.
    Product Manager at Thorkild Larsen A/S
    Michael Kjærulff
    Thorkild larsen aisles
    Industry: Manufacturers
    1200 products
    Each contains several pages of description
    The year Thorkild Larsen A/S was founded
    300 pages
    In the company’s product catalogue
    2 billion
    Images captured annually
    Creative tasks
    Encode helps me make sure my jobs stay on track and has been essential in keeping things moving while we are all working remotely.
    JamieLynne Weiss
    CS Solutions Regional Product Director at Carestream
    Carestream Slider
    Industry: Brands
    Established 2017
    Employees: 1300
Atlanta, Georgia
    7 out of 10
    Practitioners use Carestream Dental globally
    85.000 dental practices
    Are serviced worldwide by Carestream Dental
    0 errors
    In marketing collateral since implementation
    Optimisation when calculating freight costs as process is now automated
    Since the beginning of our journey with Encode, we have achieved zero errors in our marketing collateral and much fewer proofing rounds. We have saved a lot on production and can switch agencies if we need to, and we have a shorter time to market.
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
    Jemogfix font
    Industry: Retail
    Number of products on shelves
    1 year in advancev
    Purchasers add product promotions to a campaign up to one year in advance
    Number of employees
    Reduction in production time
    Time reduction on management of campaign master data
    We would need to double up on the number of employees within marketing if we didn’t work on the Encode platform.
    Kristina Rudebeck Dahl
    CMO at Davidsen Tømmerhandel A/S
    Davidsen Slider
    Industry: Retail
    300+ products
    Go on promotion in two different formats every week.
    The year Davidsen was founded
    Number of employees

End-to-end agency workflow

Collect, manage, and route your work - Estimate and integrate unplanned work into the existing workflows - Establish a formal intake process and standardise ad hoc requests - Prioritise and collaborate for shared visibility and faster delivery
Centralised workload management - Control centrally and execute locally - Avoid the need to re-create or make manual adjustments - Manage time and workload
Templates for all your marketing requirements -Have intelligent dashboards ensure on-brand across locations -Be updated in real-time through automated creative production -Get transparent workflows across multiple agencies, partners and freelancers
Ensure brand, commercial, legal and product compliance - Remove the risk of publishing unapproved content - Marketing content reviews - Have automated approval workflows and early approval logic
Use information across all your systems and channels - Centralise and work smarter through a brand portal -Automated end-to-end tool to distribute content to all teams, channels and systems - Smart store profiling and signage portal
Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better - Surface analytics across operational efficiency, content production, and team performance - Measure operational efficiency. SLAs & production progress - Supplier purchase orders, customer billing and integration to accounting systems
Act on insights to adjust your plans and processes - Adapt easily with no-code application builder to meet new requirements in your business - Onboard your entire value chain with full control - Refine content for ongoing and planned campaigns

Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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Benefits for you and your team

Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to become champions of the all-connected, omni-channel experience.
Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to manage resources and maximise output with clear visibility across content, budgets, and people.
Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to build and configure workflows - customised for the precise needs of your team and suppliers.
Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to optimise the content lifecycle - content planning, creation, and distribution - all in one place.
Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to deliver on digital initiatives - faster with no-code development.
Some of our clients have implemented the Encode platform to optimise with fewer manual touch points and more workflow automation.
Accomplish your initiatives


Prioritize brand authenticity If you need to work differently across teams. Let Encode help you increase agility.
Empower marketers to move with speed & impact If you need to have a clear view of how files are structured and stored for efficiency. Let Encode help you accelerate omnichannel experiences.
Enhance Operational Efficiency If you have to manage many different channels and/or suppliers. Let Encode help you empower the supply chain.
Improve audience analytics and intelligence If you need data to measure the impact report back 
to your organisation. Let Encode help you prove effectiveness.
Get serious about automated workflows If you need to get rid of too many manual processes across production. Let Encode help you scale creative production.

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