How we help Finance improve workflows

You want better control of spend? We support your ambitions with real-time data and automated alerts, thus improving profitability and proving ROI.

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How Encode helps Finance improve workflows

How do you adapt your workflows suddenly? Get a single-view insight into all important data across the business. - Create flexible workflows that can react quickly and decisively if conditions change suddenly - Use Encode platform as a hub to connect data from other platforms to provide a single view - Stay informed whether employees work from a distance or in the office

How do you secure speed and organisational agility? Use current data to help forecast and be more predictable on future outcomes and trends. - Enable digital investments through effective cost management - Seamlessly integrate across your ecosystem to rapidly prototype new workflows - Integrate Encode platform into your ERP, to provide actual costs on activity

How do you integrate existing systems into all billable areas? Automate routine tasks and become more efficient. - Reconcile job costing and financial data simpler, faster and more accurate - Customisable dashboards remain flexible when your strategic objectives change - Eliminate double entry and data quality issues

How do you get access to all important data across the business? Get real-time visualisation of performance data. - Use dashboards to view data holistically and in real-time - Connect your back office ERP and accounting systems and tie invoice data to your daily marketing and sales efforts - Run management, finance and schedule reports at the click of a button

How do you handle multi-user data with little time wasted? Consolidate large sets of data and several sources into a single view. - Orchestrate alerts based on custom business rules such as overspending and missed deadlines - Integrate workflows with the ERP and Accounting systems for optimal collaboration with stakeholders - Ensure information gets to the right people at the right time with fewer manual touchpoints

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Accelerate your approvals

Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process. Get efficient workflows with basically one approval round from brief to publishing.

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Provide clear, collaborative feedback
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End-to-end creative production process
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Huge time savings and zero errors
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Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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Other retailers have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other agencies have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other brands have implemented the Encode solution to attain full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing.

Other manufacturers have implemented the Encode solution to perfect product and labels with zero errors.

Other financial institutions have implemented the Encode solution to centralise branding and improve reporting.

Other content producers have implemented the Encode solution to manage teams and projects with full workflow automation.

We have the clients to prove it

Like Coventry University, a forward-looking institution with 35.000 students, who used the Encode platform to improve production speed and brand consistency, while at the same time adjusting to and adhering to GDPR.

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