Case study: The Encode solution for Splash Worldwide

How the global marketing agency uses technology to optimise collaboration across teams all over the world

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We see Encode as a key partner within our tech stack. Encode is a flexible tech partner and support integration with other best in breed technology. We have found that when our clients utilise our tech stack, including Encode, they typically become a long term client of Splash.

Ben Terry
CTO of Splash Worldwide.

The company

Splash is a global creative agency working with brands like Google, Sonos, Seagate and Norwegian Air in Europe, America, and Asia.


Campaigns and brand continuity can very easily become fragmented and siloed across global marketing teams.

The solution

The Encode platform enables Splash to stand apart from competitors, with a flexible tech solution that meets clients’ individual needs.

Case studies


Download this study if you are serious about your legacy tech stack, or if if you want to understand the benefits of being a long-term client of Encode.

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